If you contact us via websites, social media or instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber and similar ways, we can offer you our detailed product catalog from many channels.
You can apply for free membership on our e-commerce website www.goldclass.com.tr. After your membership is approved within 12 hours, you can observe the fabric, size, price information of our products in stock and add them to your cart.
Our regional sales directors serve you in 7 languages, including English/Russian/Arabic/Polish/Ukrainian/Azerbaijani and Turkish. We contact you by sending our catalog through whatsapp, telegram, viber etc. applications. You can easily make your choices from these channels.



With our multiple payment systems, you can choose the easiest payment method for you. Your minimum amount is expected to be $100.
• Online payment with Credit Card
Our customers who currently choose from our B2B website can easily switch to a credit card payment method from the payment section by confirming their carts. In addition, our customers who choose products by choosing other ways can make their payments by credit card by using the “quick pay”  payment method, by typing the amount conveyed to you by our sales representative. Virtual cards can be used here as well as debit cards.

• Wire Transfer/EFT
Our customers who choose products can make your payment by transferring money to our account numbers on our B2B website or to the account numbers forwarded to you by our sales representatives. Please make sure that your bank or international transfer banks do not deduct the total fee. It is expected that the entire fee will reach our bank by you.

• Payment with cargo company / intermediary company
International cargo companies manage logistics operations on your behalf. When we deliver our products directly to our logistics companies, we can collect the payment from them. Our customers who do not currently have a cargo company can look down the CARGO& LOGISTIC section and work with companies that are suitable for them. Logistics payment belongs to you, as International Shipping fees vary by country.



International shipping charges vary according to the agreements and fees. Our customers, who already have contracted cargo, can continue the process by forwarding their cargo codes and cargo company information to our customer representatives. For our customers who do not have any cargo or logistics company, our representatives recommend you the best cargo company according to your country. These companies, which we have worked with many times already, are more affordable for you. You can negotiate with them for the required pricing. The necessary transfer fees from our company to your cargo company are paid by us.



Necessary documentation, which varies by country, is provided by us. When exporting from Turkey, necessary documentation and documents are prepared by us at the customs. For example; EUR 1 European Union Free Movement Certificate is generally one of the required documents when exporting to European Union countries. Russia and countries in the Eurasian region can request an EAC document. If you request additional document, we can provide it to you. The trademark registration of our products belongs to us completely and does not create a replica problem.



You can get support from us when displaying your products in your physical store, e-commerce platforms and social media channels. Our customers can use the any type of images and videos of our products. You can request it by contacting our customer representatives.


Minumum order total price shoul be higher then $100. Altought we suggest you order more for your store. Because cargo companies charge you anyway.

You can order 1-2 series from our products. But the international cargo companies doesn’t deal with it. We send with companies such as UPS, DHL, FEDEX or National Post Office. Delivery fees belong to you.

We manufacture our product with 4 sizes in packaging. Each series includes 4 sizes. Each sizes includes combinations of top and bottom clothes such as t-shirt,shirt,hoodie,jeans,trousers,hat etc.

You should create request to manufacture your design of clothes atleast 800 sizes.

It should be atleast 100-150 sizes per model covering any colors that you select.

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