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oem | produce my desıgn

Kidswear is our profession. Let your brand and designs get produced in right hands with the expected quality and affordable cost that you can compete in your market.


We offer our partners to have this great option which you may choose any models from our brands and we change our brands to yours including brand tag and small details.

create my collectıon

Let’s create looks to steal together. Here we create theme based collections in harmony and trends. Maybe it is about “music” or “dinasours” or “back to scholl” . Your theme comes to life with our design office.

be member of the

global frıends

we are all set

Fabric production is a structured activity that consists of a series of processes such as placement, marking, cutting, sewing, finishing, compression and packaging. This is the process of converting raw materials into finished products. It will be difficult to take care of the industry if the product is not made, to the point where the pre-production stage of the asset repair can be done poorly.

Ready to wear clothing or garment production involves many stages of processing, starting with the concept or design concept and ending with the finished product. The process of manufacturing garments involves product design, fabric selection and testing, pattern making, grading, marking, distribution, cutting, folding, sewing, compression or folding, finishing and specifying, dyeing and washing, QC etc.

fabrıc and desıgn

organıc, ın many desıgns and colors

fashıon desıgn

fast fashıon ın actıon


qualıty and kıdswear standards

denım dye

all kınd of shades of denım


any patterns for your desıgns


water based and dıgıtal prınts


ın many varıants and colors

qualıty ensure

just makıng sure everythıng ıs ın standards

labelıng and packagıng

ready packages for your store

logıstıcs & delıvery

we work ın FOB terms and we can delıver all around the globe


Meet one of the best exclusive kidswear manufacturer right now.

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